“I used the Beet Nighty Night Cocoa Scrub and I see what you mean about the moisturizer. My skin was totally soft and moisturized. I really love it,” Kristen Griffin

“I absolutely love the products. So do the boys. Really made my skin soft and smooth. I had to hide it from the boys and the lip balm is the bomb,” DeQuita Martin Means

“Mommy, this soap feels like a hug,” The daughter of our customer Halima

“The only soap I use on my skin and hair,” Barbara Pillow-Sidibeh

 “My skin loves, loves your products so much,” Alexicia Holmes 

“The Lip Balm left my lips feeling soft, not too greasy and it absorbed into my lips.  On top of that, it smells really great,” Rachel Durham

“This works, trust an ashy person to tell the truth…besides I am highly allergic to sulfa, the base that soap and other body agents use.  The first time I used Simple Beauty Naturals my skin was immediately relieved.  My skin and scalp eczema is gone….worth every single dime,” Tomi Moore

“This year I was introduced to Simply Beauty Natural’s products. I am so pleased with these products. They r made from Natural products. I currently use the Beet scrub, Soufflé Body Balm and the Dreamsicle night cream. My skin has never felt better. People have asked me what are you using on your face. You look so young and your complexion is so smooth,” 

Anna Brothers

“Thank you Ms. Ria Rai Harris of Simple Beauty Naturals for introducing me to your line of products. I have tried the coconut milk and honey bath product and it is soothing and refreshing. I just recently purchased Penny Candy Lip Crystal. It really does blend in with my skin tone and becomes your perfect shade. Outstanding products. Natural products is what we need!”

Karen January

“I must thank Ria Rai Harris and Simple Beauty Naturals for the best body scrub! I purchased the beet Nighty night Cocoa scrub and the Dead Sea salt seaweed scrub for my body and they are great. The good thing is that they are made of all natural ingredients and it only takes a little to remove the dead skin and reveal the glowing brown skin underneath! If you have dull or crusty skin – you need this!”

Traci Thompson