The Importance of Small Batch Cosmetics

Small batch is a term we often associate with old school whiskey making. But it is a form of manufacturing that has been prevalent among artisans for centuries.

Unfortunately, it has been pushed to the side by large corporations and replaced by a form of mass manufacturing that is cheaper and often unsafe. Globalization and the demand for cheaper, more disposable products could be part of the blame. The desire for cheap goods is understandable.

As prices go down, demand goes up leaving many large corporations swimming in riches.

But at what cost?

In order for goods such as skincare and cosmetic products to sit on the shelves of big box chains, safety has to be sacrificed. Even products labeled “natural” have to be filled with harmful chemicals and preservatives or they’ll spoil. Many of these harmful chemicals are even deadly.

At Simple Beauty Naturals®, we are dedicated to making sure all our products are food grade. If you wouldn’t be able to eat it, it probably isn’t safe for your skin. The skin is an organ after all.

Our skin treats are made in small fresh batches. Our ingredients are sourced from small business owners and farmers who adhere to high quality, zero toxic standards.

When you order from us, you know your Simple Beauty Naturals® goodies have not been sitting in a large corporation’s smoky toxic warehouse.

You know they aren’t made with cheap toxic ingredients.

You know they were handcrafted by highly skilled cosmetic artisans who put just as much care in facial bars, foot treatments, and balm as Picasso put into his paintings.

You, a valued member of the Simple Beauty Naturals® family, have very discerning tastes. We know you never settle for less in anything and you sure won’t settle for less from your skincare and cosmetics.

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